FCC License Test Preparation

If you require a FCC Commercial Operators License, take our FCC sample exams for a quick assessment. They're free. If you feel you scored well enough to pass the FCC license tests then you have my congratulations.

Who needs a Commercial Operators License?  Visit our FAQ.

These pages have self-assessment tests for the Marine Radio Operator's Permit [mrop], the General Radio Operator's License [grol] and the Global Marine Distress Safety System Operator's License [gmdss operator] and the Global Marine Distress Safety System Maintainer's License [gmdss maintainer], and the Radar Endorsement.

We believe that it's important to have a grasp of the knowledge, it's equally important to measure and identify area's we are lacking. Once we fills the gaps in our knowledge base, further testing validates our knowledge base and builds self confidence. This self-assessment process gives you confidence when you sit for the test. Preparation is the key. This site is not a primary teaching mechanism.  

Subscribers have a money back guarantee on the subscription fee.. If you pass each COLEM sample exams for your license, with grades consistently above 90% and fail when you sit for the COLEM proctored exam, your money will be refunded.  Follow the directions in the FAQ to get your money back.    Give yourself sufficient time to do each test  and researching your incorrect answers, enough times to demonstrate you are consistently above 90% on the practice exams.  Those that do not consistently achieve 90% on the practice exams are ineligible for the money back  guarantee.

If you scored less than the high 90s on the sample tests, consider subscribing to our Web based FCC Test Preparation. Don't let the first time you sit to take the FCC License test be the first time you see it. Enhance your chances of passing the license tests on your first attempt. For the price of most packages, you get all the elements for the MROP, GROL, GMDSS Operator, GMDSS Maintainer, and radar endorsement tests.

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When your ready to take the FCC License exam, I recommend the Electronics Technician Association. Visit them to locate a test site near you.

All tests are from the latest approved question pool.

Testing Element Date Approved Public Notice
Element 1 6/25/2009 DA 09-1417
Element 3 6/25/2009 DA 09-1417
Element 7 12/10/2012 DA 12-1988
Element 7R 12/10/2012 DA 12-1988
Element 8 6/25/2009 DA 09-1417
Element 9 4/3/2013 DA-13-597

This is not a U.S. Government website.

Notice:  Airline Pilots are required to hold the RR license, the Restricted Radio Operators Permit.  Visit the FCC for more information and how to obtain the license.

For more information concerning FCC Licenses, consult the FCC Website

Good luck in your endeavors.


  This is without a doubt the best FCC test site on the internet. I used this site in order to study for Elements 1 and 3 so I could attain my FCC GROL License. I got one question wrong on the entire test! I finished all 100 questions in 39 minutes. Perhaps, if I had taken 40 minutes I would have had a perfect score! Next month I will take Element 9 for my GMDSS Maintainer License. Piece of cake!
Gene Carl / KSSB-FM
10/28/2003 1:35:25 AM

Chance favors the prepared mind.
----- Louis Pasteur