GMDSS Restricted Operators License (RG)

The RG qualifies the holder to operate, and make some basic equipment adjustments to, Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS) radio installations, but only on voyages that remain within twenty (20) nautical miles of shore. It also confers the operating authority of the MP.

A MP is required to operate radiotelephone stations aboard certain vessels that sail the Great Lakes. They are also required to operate radiotelephone stations aboard vessels of more than 300 gross tons and vessels which carry more than six passengers for hire in the open sea or any tidewater area of the United States. They are also required to operate certain aviation radiotelephone stations and certain coast radiotelephone stations.

The GMDSS Restricted Operators License test consists of the exams for element 1 and element 7R.

Element 1 Test consists of basic radio law and operating practice with which every maritime radio operator should be familiar. To pass, an examinee must correctly answer at least 18 out of 24 questions.

Element 7R Test consists of radio operating procedures and practices sufficient to show detailed practical knowledge of the operation of the VHF GMDSS sub-systems and equipment. The exam consists of questions from the following categories: general information, VHF digital selective calling, and carriage requirement. To pass, an examinee must correctly answer at least 38 out of 50 questions.

For more information concerning the qualifications and terms of licenses, visit the FCC's GMDSS Operator Restricted License webpage

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Element 1

Element 1 Practice Test 1 Element 1 Practice Test 2
Element 1 Practice Test 3 Element 1 Practice Test 4
Element 1 Practice Test 5 Element 1 Practice Test 6

Element 1 Topic Tests - Random Ordered Questions

Topic A: Rules and Regulation Practice Test
- 36 questions covering these topics:

    Equipment Requirements
    License Requirements
    Log Entries
    Miscellaneous Rules and Regulations
Topic B: Communications Procedures Practice Test
- 36 questions covering these topics:

    Bridge-to-Bridge Operations
    Operating Procedures
    Distress Communications
    Urgency and Safety Communications
Topic C: Equipment Operations Practice Test
- 36 questions covering these topics:

    VHF Equipment Controls
    VHF Channel Selection
    MF-HF Equipment Controls
    MF-HF Frequency & Emission Selection
    Equipment Tests
    Equipment Faults
Topic D: Other equipment Practice Test
-36 questions covering these topics:

    Power Sources
    Survival Craft VHF

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Element 7R

Element 7R Practice Test 1 Element 7R Practice Test 2
Element 7R Practice Test 3 Element 7R Practice Test 4
Element 7R Practice Test 5 Element 7R Practice Test 6

Element 7R Topic Tests - Random Ordered Questions

 Topic A: General Information and System Overview Practice Test
-  42 questions covering these topics:

    Fundamental Concepts
    Equipment Systems
    Sea Areas
    Functional Requirements
    Carriage Requirements
    Maintenance Options
    Radio Spectrum
Topic B: F.C.C. Rules & Regulations Practice Test
-  36 questions covering these topics:

    Inspections and Exemptions
    Required Documents and Publications
    License and Personnel Requirements
    Reserve Energy and Equipment Testing
    Watch and Log Keeping Requirements

Topic C: DSC & Alpha-Numeric ID Systems Practice Test
-  30 questions covering these topics:

    MMSI: MID and Ship I.D. Numbers
    MMSI: Group & Coast Station I.D. Nrs
    DSC Format and Information Sent
    DSC Operations
    Sending a Distress Alert

Topic D: Distress, Urgency & Safety Comms Practice Test
-  48 questions covering these topics:

    Follow-on Voice Transmission
    Response to a Distress Alert
    Distress Relays
    False Distress Alert Action
    Radio Silence & Resumption of Traffic
    Urgency Traffic
    Safety Traffic
    Other Procedures

Topic E: Survival Craft Equipment & S.A.R. Practice Test
-  60 questions covering these topics:

    SART: Activation & Survival Craft Operations
    SART – Radar Display – SAR – AIS SART
    SART: Testing and Battery Parameters
    EPIRB System Structure and Operation
    EPIRB Alerting and FeaturesSurvival Craft VHF
    Homing and Locating Signals
    Survival Craft Transceivers
    On Scene Communications
    SAR-MCC-RCC: Systems & Procedures-1
    SAR-MCC-RCC: Systems & Procedures-2

Topic F: Maritime Safety Information (M.S.I.) Get Test
-  36 questions covering these topics:

    Navtex-1: Operations
    Navtex-2: Programming
    Navtex-3: Message Format
    SafetyNETTM -1: Operations
    SafetyNETTM -2: Information
    Enhanced Group Calling (EGC)

Topic G: VHF-DSC Equipment & Comms Practice Test
-  48 questions covering these topics:

    VHF: Controls, Volume, Squelch, DW & Scan
    VHF: Power and Range
    VHF: Channel System and Usage
    VHF: Simples-Duplex, USA-INT:
    VHF-DSC Calls: Distress, Urgency & Safety
    VHF-DSC Calls: Routine and Ship-to-Ship
    VHF-DSC: Other DSC Functions-1
    VHF-DSC: Other DSC Functions-2

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